Areas to Visit


For those who desire a town that has year-round sunshine, relaxing clear-blue beaches, and friendly locals ? Sosua is your destination.

Sosua is a small yet lively town situated on the Northern coast of the Dominican Republic. It is conveniently between Cabarete, (the infamous capital of the Dominican Republic) and Puerto Plata. Sosua is a mere 20-minute drive from the Puerto Plata International airport.

The town is surrounded with numerous restaurants and bars that represent the culture and spirit of the area. Fine dinning with local Caribbean cuisine will be sure to make you feel in a fantasy vacation.

If you visit with the mindset of relaxation, there are five beaches to choose where to rest and enjoy the breeze of the Caribbean. The most popular beach is Sosua Beach, which is sheltered in a small cove surrounded by high coral cliffs. Its _ kilometers in length will surround you with stunning clear waters and soft white sand. This area is of most interest to those who enjoy snorkeling and diving.

Enclosing the beach are quaint little shops where you will be able to shop and take back a representation of the Caribbean lifestyle.


Cabarete is an excellent place for kiteboarding and windsurfing. It is spread out across the center of a semi-circular beach of honey-colored sand and turquoise waters.

This paradise is known for Cabarete Beach, a six-kilometer stretch where fun and relaxation is revolved around beach-oriented sports.

On Cabarete Bay there are shops and businesses that come from the locals as well as visitors who now call the area home. Most of the restaurants have beachfront dining so you can catch a breeze while you eat fine Caribbean cuisine.

At night the beauty of the area continues. There are clubs and discos, which make this area especially fun for the young and old traveler who are seeking a new form of entertainment.